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The cooperation between the two state Universities from the two neighbouring counties Bihor and Hajdu-Bihar started many years ago relying on old traditions. Prof. PhD. Teodor Maghiar and Prof. PhD. László Fésüs, the two rectors at that moment, signed the “official” partnership agreement between the University of Debrecen and University of Oradea in 2000.

In 2001, the first cooperation agreement between the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences of the University of Debrecen and the Faculty of Environmental Protection of the University of Oradea was signed by Prof. PhD. Bara Vasile, the Dean of the Faculty of Environmental Protection, University and Prof. PhD. Pepú Péter, the Dean of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, University of Debrecen. In this framework, some common activities were organized between the professors, students and PhD students from both Faculties, that is participation in scientifical sessions. The teaching staff and researchers from our Faculty actively took part in paper sessions organized by the University of Debrecen, NOFKA Foundation and the Department of Plant Protection from the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences in Debrecen. The scientific annals of both Faculties, that include papers, mirror this activity.

In the framework of the cooperation between the Faculty of Environmental Protection within the University of Oradea and the the Agricultural Sciences Centre and the Faculty of Agriculture Sciences within the University of Debrecen, the International Symposium “Environmental Resources and Sustainable Development” has been organized every year starting with 2003. The second edition took place between the 22nd and the 24th of April 2004 in Baile Felix, and gathered a large number of national and international participants. The English version of the papers presented during this scientific event (over 300 papers), were published in two volumes of 1100 pages.

The third edition of the International Symposium “Environmental Resources and Rural Development” took place on the 6th of May 2005 and was organized by the University of Debrecen. The papers were published in a volume in English. This international manifestation became a tradition and nowadays it takes place every year and is organized by the two Faculties on 5 topics: plant crop, animal husbandry, horticulture, agricultural environmental protection and rural development. The teaching staff within our Faculty presented 5 papers in the plenary session and 22 in the poster session, published in English by the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences of the University of Debrecen.

The international symposium “Natural Resources and Sustainable Development” achieved the organizers’ expectations reaching the 4th edition in 2006. Its objective was to give a new dynamics to the traditional cooperation between the teaching staff, students and researchers from both the University of Oradea and the University of Debrecen. The two academic institutions have a fundamental role in the educational and social- economic activity of the two neighbouring counties, role assumed by both parties. Their educational and scientifical cooperation has thus an adequate framework for a real information and result exchange, for discussing common issues, especially those related to the judicious use of natural resources in order to provide a sustainable development. This edition took place in Oradea, during the 10th-11th of October, and was expected with a real interest by the participants. The papers presented in the plenary session, on the different topics or presented as posters were published in a volume of more than 1500 pages. Due to the Symposium, after a series of discussions between the two hosting faculties, the new Cooperation Convention was signed between the two Faculties that foresees the intensification of the educational and research cooperation activity through some common researches and publications, common participation in some important European projects for making the educational and research process more qualitative and for a real support given to the activities developed in this common cross-border area.

The cooperation between the teaching staff and researchers in the two Faculties has been materialized through the development and implementation of some common projects. The first Common Cross-border Project- “The Accomplishment of a Phytosanitary Forecast Common System” of 78,960 Euro, out of which 36,960 Euro for Romanian part, developed during 2003 (the project application was made only by the Hungarian part). Within this project, the first 3 automatic plants for gathering meteorological data were implemented, and they were placed in the neighbouring regions with the common border, offering necessary data to elaborate the forecast and to support efficiently the specialized technical assistance activity.

The Project “Development of some Sustainable Crop Methods on the Sands in Nyirseg Region”, with a total value of 135.000 Euro was also approved for the Hungarian side of the border, but our Faculty offered its support by organizing trainings and by publishing papers related to modern technological elements of plants growing on sand soils.

Other Phare–CBC Project was developed in 2004, on both sides of the common border (twin projects) of about 49.848 EUR with the title: “Regional Phytosanitary Training and Consultancy Centres”. As an outcome of this project, some textbooks have been elaborated and IT equipment has been acquired for the organization of some professional trainings at a basic, medium and superior level by widely usage of the achieved data with the help of the phytosanitary forecasting system based on automatic gathering of climatic data. A WEB page belonging to the training centre was designed and launched, that included the data basis and special information for the protection of the main agro-horticultural crops cultivated in both counties.

The project ended in 2006, with the title “Efficient and Safe Plant Protection in the EU” of about 49.450 EUR was the fourth project of this kind that was jointly developed with the teaching staff within the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences in Debrecen. The aim of this project was to provide the framework for a good collaboration between the teaching staff and researchers in the two academic institutions (University of Oradea and University of Debrecen), the accomplishment of specialized teaching staff training (according to the EU directions and jointly compatible) in the field of plant protection with a model-value for the region, the elaboration of some common thematics for textbooks and data basis found in the training centres in Oradea, respectively in Debrecen (twin projects).