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International Cooperations

The Faculty of Environmental Protection has been actively involved in various national and international cooperations, which were successfully developed especially in the last few years.

Within other international cooperations of the Faculty of Environmental Protection, we may mention a long list of other large academic or research institutions, such as:

The partnership agreement signed at the Faculty of European Studies and Regional Development, Nitra, Slovakia, where the delegation of the Faculty of Environmental Protection took part in the meeting with the members of a Consortium of 28 Agricultural Universities in Europe, opens new perspectives in the field of institutional collaboration and the contribution of our University in the process of modernization of the European agricultural education, the application of some new teaching methods and international student and teaching staff mobility. Our University is the first Romanian academic institution that was invited to take part in the activity of this Consortium whose activity includes common research activities, elaboration of some academic textbooks at an international level and virtual and real trainings for undergraduate and postgraduate students (Master and PhD candidates) that study within the Universities that are members of this Consortium. This collaboration aims mainly to fields of activities such as: agricultural and horticultural engineering, landscape architecture, agrobiology, food resources, biotechnologies and food resources, European studies and rural development.

Being convinced that these international cooperations will be useful in the training of the teaching staff, undergraduate and postgraduate students in the process of successfully integration of our educational activity within our University, respectively our Faculty, by providing quality standards of the academic educational system owned by member states of the European Union.