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The Faculty of Environmental Protection has been founded during the academic year 1993-1994, being hosted at first by the building on 26 Gen. Magheru Street, where the Agricultural Industrial Highschool Oradea has previously functioned. Today, the practical trainings of the students are developed in some important locations within Bihor, Arad and Satu Mare counties.

At the beginning, the faculty had a few specializations, such as: Agriculture, Horticulture and Ecology. Forestry specialization appeared in 1994 and some other forestry-related specializations were founded, such as: Forestry Exploitations and Wood Processing in 1996.

The Ecological specialization was replaced in 1996 by Environmental Engineering specialization, whose name was changed into the Engineering of the Biotechnical and Ecological Systems.

Another specialization appeared in 2000: Animal Science. Since 2002, other two new specializations in the field of Food Products and the Technology of Processing the Agricultural Products have been in function. In 2003 the new specialization Engineering and Management of Public Alimentation and Agro-Tourism started functioning.

The wide range of the specializations within the Faculty of Environmental Protection, University of Oradea includes today a number of ten alternatives for the present and future students. Our specializations are authorized or accredited by the Ministry of Education and Research, and can provide capable specialists able to face the requests of alimentary, forestry and agricultural sustainable development in the western part of Romania.