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Prof.Dr. Bara Vasile, Facultatea de Protecţia Mediului,

Universitatea din Oradea, România

Prof.Dr. Fenyvessy Jazsef, Facultatea de Industrie Alimentară,

Universitatea din Szeged, Ungaria

Praf.Dr. Văcaru-Opriş Ioan, USAMV Iaşi, România


Conf.Dr.Ing. Chereji Ioan, redactor şef

Conf.DrJng. Mierliţa Daniel

Conf.Dr. Rodul Cecilia, Facultatea de Industrie Alimentară,

Universitatea din Szeged, Ungaria

Şef lucrări Dr. Bucurean Eva

Asist.Drd. Chebeleu Ioana Camelia, secretar redacţie

Prep.Drd. Vancea Diana Lăcrămioara, translator

I.S.S.N. 1583-4301


1. Babicka L., Charvatova J., Kourimska L.

Reducing food safety risks for third countries

2. Bacter Ramona Vasilica, Bacter C.F.

The population of Bihor County and the population of Oradea city and the annual consumption needs for the main animal products

3. Bacter Ramona Vasilica, Bacter C.F.

The distribution of the main animal products in the Oradea 's market

4. Baldea Corina

Somatostatina and acute pancreatitis

5. Bals Cristina, Mierlia D., Chereji 1., Lup F.

The role of some nutritional factors in manipulation of omega polyunsaturated fatty acids from animals fats with positive impact on human health

6. Bara Camelia

Possibilities of selective determination of small amounts of niacin, riboflavin and thiamine in food

7. Bara Lucian

Actuality and perspectives in toxicology

8. Brata Anca Monica

Typology of purchasing behavior

9. Brata Anca Monica

Thefulfilled need, a compromise between aspiration and reality

10. Charvatova Jana, Babicka L., Kourimska L.

Genetically modified organisms and novel food-Iegal regulation in the European Community and in the Czech Republic

11. Chereji Anca

Les effets de la pollution atmospherique avec de l' oxyde de carbone sur des enfants et des Fetus

12. Ciobanu Cornelia, Ciobanu Ghe., Chereji 1., Vuscan A.

Research concerning the prognosis and weed control in maize crops under brown luvic soil conditions in western Romania

13. Czirjak R. L., Gavra C.

European Union recomandation for stocking density to briler

14. Czirjak T. Zs., Dodu Monica

Giraffe anatomy and physiology-specific properties

15. Dodu Monica, Chereji 1., Czirjak T. Zs.

Research regarding the knowledge of the genetic patrimony concept in poultry breeding

16. Dudas Anca, Mosoiu Alina

Agriculturaland agro alimentary wholesale market

17. Donca Gheorghe

CB maintenance in zootehnical farms

18.Gavra C.

Premix manufacturing process

19.Gus Camelia, Rotar A. Mihaela, Semeniuc Cristina, Apostu S.

Enzymatic activity of horse muscle during cold preservation

20. Kourimska L., Kovarova E., Dragounova H., Babicka L.

Monitoring of milk acidity changes during goat cheesemaking

21.Kovacs P.

Are wine-growing family farms viable?

22.Laslo Ramona, Lazar Mihaela, Muresan Crina

Nutritional tools to evaluate personal dietary habits related to wellness

23. Maerescu Cristina, C. Man, D. Mierliţă, 1. Chereji

Research regarding the nutrition of sheepdepending on age and production in the north-west of Romania

24. Mierliţă D.; I. Chereji; Cristina Maerescu; Cristina Bals; F. Lup

Research Regarding the Effect of the Methionine Hydroxy Analogue Used in the Feeding of High Productivity Cows During the Early Lactation Period

25. Mihok S., Komlosi I.

Research activities at the department of animal science University of Debrecen

26. Mosoiu Alina, Dudas Anca

Evolution of the Community Agricultural Politics

27. Moza Ana Cornelia, Popovici Mariana

Extreme and absolute verage air temperatures from the Crisul Repede hydrographic basin

28. Moza Ana Cornelia, Popovici Mariana

Average yearly and mounthly tempera ture and average yearly amplitude from the Crişul Repede hydrographic basin

29. Moza Ana Cornelia

Deviations ofmedium yearly temperatures from multiyearly average from the Crisul Repede hydrographic basin

30. Muresan Crina, Tibulca Aurora, Tibulca D., Muste Sevastita, Laslo Ramona, Salagean D., Laslo C.

Drawing up a HACCP system in "Apricot recream"

31. Nabrady A., Szollosi L.

Key aspects of investment analysis

32. Pakurar M., Villanyi Edit Reka

Location of procurement in the organization

33. Poor Judit, Baranyai Hegedusne Nora

Investigation of cyclicism appearing in the purchase price and quantity of two main agricultural products (maize and pig)

35. Popovici Mariana, Moza Ana Cornelia

Issues related to seed production at the Dropia Autumn type of wheat II technology elements with implications elements with implications in seed production

36. Popovici Mariana, Moza Ana Cornelia

Tehnological aspects regarding the obtaining of the pulp juices (the nectars)

34. Posta J., Komlosi 1., Mihok S.

Hungarian sporthorse studbook analysis

37. Purcarea Cornelia, Cachita-Cosma Dorina

Studies about the influence of salicylic acid on the germination of wheat grain (Triticum aestivum) and the peroxidase acrivity in the plantlets

38. Purcarea Cornelia

Destruction of alfa toxin e on contaminated peanut by roasting

39. Rotar A. Mihaela, Semeniuc Cristina, Gus Camelia, Muste Sevastita, Apostu S.

Proteolitic modifications during the fermentation and storage of yogurt

40. Ruge Maria

The evolution of the tourism and of the agro tourism in the Bihor county

41. Ruge Maria

The agro tourist guest houses affiliated tonacert Bihor

42. Ruge Maria

Bihor county tourist and agro tourist potential

43. Ruska L., Chereji Rodica, Purcarea Cornelia, Timar A.

Bred properties and crumb structure

44. Ruska L., Chereji Rodica, Purcarea Cornelia, Timar A.

Water diffusion in bread during baking

45. Szabo Erika

Landlaw in European Union and in Hungary

46. Tasca M., Rusu I., Nita L.

 Natural conditions of soil formation and evolution in the interriver Crisul Negru- Crişul Repede