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Laboratories and training centers

The Faculty of Environmental Protection, within the University of Oradea, has adequate spaces and equipment, so that the courses may be delivered in the most suitable way. The Faculty is located in a quite new and big-enough building. Even if our faculty doesn’t have a very modern equipment yet, it can offer appropriate conditions for education and research in many scientific fields. In the last few years, our faculty has been equipped with professional calculation devices and various equipments fact that stimulated the students’ research activity. The whole educational activities in the field of training, specializing and scientific research are delivered in 35 laboratories and some training centres:

  • The Agricultural Research and Development Station, Oradea, belongs to the Academy of Agriculture and Technical Sciences in Bucharest and is situated only one kilometre away from Oradea, on Aradului Street, where specializations such as Agronomy, Food Industry and Agrotourism develop their activities.

  • The Zootechnical Farm in Sânmartin is situated only 2 kilometres away from Oradea and is intended to help students that study Animal Husbandry

  • The Training Centre in Băile 1 Mai, which owns a building with laboratories now being modernized for the Biotechnical and Ecological Systems Engineering specialization.

  • The Training Centre in Carei, Satu-Mare county, for students in Agriculture, Horticulture, Control and Expertise of Food Products, Processing Technology of Agricultural Products consists in classrooms and land for agricultural research.

  • The Training Centre in Gurahonţ, Arad county, owns a dendrological park with more than 2000 species of trees and shrubs, out of which 50 species are unique worldwide. The name of the park has been given after its founder engineer Eusebiu Stefan. The park has a surface of 7 ha and 0.80 ha is covered by a lake populated with fresh-water fish species and is intended to be used by students in Forestry, Forestry Exploitation and Environmental Engineering.

  • The Training Centre situated on Pitagora Street, Oradea where students in Wood Processing develop their activity; it has a carpentry workshop and specialized laboratories.

  • The Centre for the Scientific Research of Risk Factors in Agriculture, Forestry, Food Industry and Environment has specialized laboratories equipped due to the funds obtained from the Ministry of Education and by the Research Project no. 81/2006 of a total amount of 1 million Euros.


The students can benefit from the Faculty of Environmental Protection Library situated in the same building and having a large reading room, borrowing room and documentation room. This is equipped with books, textbooks and a great number of scientific journals.

Other important libraries in the town:

  • The Central University Library of the University of Oradea, Universitatii Street no. 5 where the access to its services is provided by a library permit, released and stamped by the Permit office. The documents necessary for obtaining a library permit are: an updated student record, the identity card and an identity card-type photo. The permit is available during the university studies and is stamped every year. For more information about the library, please access the university site (www.uoradea.ro/english/)

  • The Regional Library  ”Gheorghe Şincai”, situated on Piaţa 1 Decembrie Street, no.12, telephone 0259 470896.