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The research infrastructure of University of Oradea


Cells culture laboratory has all necessary infrastructure for the realization of in vitro tests using different cell lines: Cells incubator with CO2-Model SANYO MCO-5AC, Microbiological cabinet model BIOHAZARD AQUARIA-BIO ACTIVA 90, Inverted light fluorescence microscope model OLYMPUS CKX41, Automatic cell counter model EVE AUTOMATIC, FTIR spectrophotometer model ELMER PERKIN BXII equipped with ATR MIRacle device.The activities that will used the infrastructure of cell culture laboratory are A. 2.1-2.3 (https://erris.gov.ro/Cells-culture-laboratory)

Innovative Foodstuff Research Laboratory The infrastructure allow small innovative foodstuff batches production in the field of diary products. The laboratory is equipped with necessary instruments in order to perform the activities stipulated in the project (A 1.1, 3.8, 3.7) – (https://erris.gov.ro/Innovative-foodstuff)

Advanced Materials Research Infrastructure – SMARTMAT - is a research infrastructure with activities in the field of advanced materials and include beside other instruments, Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM), necessary in 1.2 Activity.(https://erris.gov.ro/Research-Laboratory-for-Adva-1)

The research infrastructure of Vasile Goldis Western University of Arad


Animal Research Facility with laboratory animals is authorized research infrastructure for growth and conduct experiments on laboratory animals (ANSVSA order 862 /04.05.2016). (http://erris.gov.ro/animal_facility-ILS-UVVG) .

Histopathology and cell culture facility: Microtomes MicroTec and Leica, thermostat TC50- Caloris, cryostat SLEE- MAINZ- MNT, microscope Olympus BX43 with fluorescent module, Software Cell Dimension and confocal microscope Leica TCS SP8, hood and CO2 incubators (http://erris.gov.ro/Histology-ILS-UVVG) .

Laboratory of Electron Microscopy: scanning electron microscope FEI Quanta 250 and transmission electron microscope FEI Tecnai 12 Biotwin and equipment necessary sample preparation - Leica ultramicrotome UC7, Sputter-coater Hagar gold deposition film (https://erris.gov.ro/Electron_Microscopy_Facility|ILS).  This facility is necessary in 1.2 and 3.6 activity.

Laboratory of molecular Biology: DNA Electrophoresis Biorad Horizontal Power & CAP 300; Rotor Gene PCR -QIAGEN QRT-; PC Air Cooled Thermal Cycler 960; Water Bath Julabo SW 23; UVP Benchtop UV Transilluminator 3; ChemiDoc MP ™ Imaging System, R Centrifuge SIGMA 2-16K (https://erris.gov.ro/Molecular-biology--Institute).


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