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Natural Resource

Academic Studies


Our faculty, as a long term educational system, is structured into four years of study with the following specializations: Agriculture, Control and Evaluation of Food Products, Forestry Exploitations, Horticulture, Engineering and Management in Public Alimentation and Agritourism, Biotechnical and Ecological System Engineering, Landscaping, Wood Processing Engineering, Forestry, Processing Technology of Agricultural Products, Animal Husbandry.

The long-term educational system ends with a Diploma exam, which consists in two parts, having passed this exam one can obtain the Bachelor’s degree.


The graduates who obtain a diploma can continue their studies within the Master programme. Our faculty offers the following specializations: Agricultural Exploitations and Animal Breeding Management, Modern Techniques of Producing and Processing Agri-food Products for the Consumers’ Safety, Safe Use of Potentially Toxic Substances in Making and Processing the Horticultural Products, Modern Techniques in Horticultural Exploitations and Landscape Architecture, Ecologic Rehabilitation Techniques from the Regional and Agrotouristic Development Perspective, Environmental Hygiene, Food Safety and Public Health within the Frame of the New Environmental Legislation, The Sustainable and Optimal Control Management of the Forest Resources, Modern Techniques of Forestry Exploitation according to the Forestry Legislation, Valorificarea durabilă a resurselor pădurii, Cinegetic and Salmonide Development Optimization in the Forestry Field to Prevent Infectious-Contagious Diseases.

The Master programme is available for all graduates who obtained a diploma in an accredited university. The Master admission exam consists in a written exam at two disciplines proposed by the department of the respective specialization.